Knitting, Casting Off

Learn How to Knit – Casting Off

This is the method for casting off (also known as binding off) your knitting. It leaves a neat edge which can be threaded up with tassels if desired. Many of the knitting books featured on this site include information on the different stitches as well as guidance on how to understand knitting patterns and the terms used in this craft.

Step 1: 

Start a new row and add 2 stitches to the right hand needle.

A new row with 2 stitches. Casting off a stitich

Step 2: 

Push your left hand needle into the first stitch (indicated in green). Pull the stitch over the second stitch (indicated in pink).

Pulling the first stitch over the second

Step 3: 

You should be left with one stitch on the right hand needle.

1 stitch on right hand needle

Step 4: 

Add a new stitch and then repeat the above steps along the length of knitting.

Repeating Steps 1-3

Step 5: 

When there is one stitch remaining on the right hand needle, gently pull the yarn to make the loop slightly larger.

One stitch loop remaining

Step 6: 

Cut the yarn, leaving a few cm’s to spare and pull it through the loop, decreasing the size of the loop at the same time. Weave your end through five or six stitches and snip the end.

Cutting the yarn after tying it off

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