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Paper Yarn

3.2mm Midnight Paper Yarn - 5kg - 5.5kg spool

We were really excited to see the latest cover of The Journal magazine. Belinda Rose’s colourful and innovative three dimensional weavings shows the versatility of these paper yarns. Allison took this image (below) of the George Weil corded paper yarns in 2005. It shows how the ends have been untwisted. In this cover image featuring […]

Felix and his Knitted Farmyard

When this charming book The Knitted Farmyard, written by Hannelore Wernhard was first published, the business Fibrecrafts (now George Weil) was still in its infancy. Denise Kitchin was commissioned to knit the farm as a promotion for the Fibrecrafts outlet in Dartington (now closed) and the book flew off the shelves. This popular and successful […]

Spring coloured Wool Tops for Making Felt

Wool for felt making

When I walked into the warehouse this morning with Sharon’s cup of tea, I couldn’t resist coming back with the camera to photograph this assortment of coloured wool tops. Merino Wool Sharon was in the process of collating together the wool tops into a 1kg mixed bag of light colours. There are nine colours in […]

Hand-dyed Bluefaced Leicester Roving Yarn

The new range of British Wool yarns are proving very popular with our customers – and our staff. Sales Manager at George Weil, Jo, couldn’t resist taking home two hanks of the Bluefaced Leicester Roving Yarn to dye and then knit up. Jo, like many of us, “can’t do with all that faffing about” and decided […]

The Ashford Fringe Twister

Ashford Fringe twister

The Ashford Fringe Twister has been designed to make light work of making twisted fringe for handwoven garments, knitted scarves or for needle work projects – the finishing touch to your handmade items. You can also use the finge twister to create corded cotton, or to twist sliver prior to felting it. Features There are […]

Bluefaced Leicester Roving Knitted

Bluefaced Leicester Roving Dyed and Knitted

We thought you may like to see what Jo did with the super soft Bluefaced Leicester Roving yarn she hand dyed using H Dupont dyes. Jo decided to knit the yarn to make a snood. She knitted the wool into a large square and then sewed up two of the opposite sides. The opening of […]

Weaving and Knitting Yarns

Venne Merino Bio Wool Yarn

The value of a length of woven material lies primarily in the time taken in design, loom preparation, the weaving and the fabric finishing. The cost of the weaving yarn is generally a very small proportion of the final value. At first sight there is a huge range of yarns available to the hand loom […]

Knitting 100g Scarves

If you’ve never knitted before DO NOT be alarmed! All these scarves were knitted with the basic knit stitch using 100g hanks of yarn and the people that knitted are novices to the craft. Why not join in by learning to cast-on your first stitch. Once you become more confident you can begin experimenting with […]

Knitting, Casting Off

Learn How to Knit – Casting Off This is the method for casting off (also known as binding off) your knitting. It leaves a neat edge which can be threaded up with tassels if desired. Many of the knitting books featured on this site include information on the different stitches as well as guidance on […]

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