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Knitting, the Knit Stitch

Learn How to Knit – The Knit Stitch

This basic stitch is also known as the garter stitch. Once you have mastered it, you will be able to knit a scarf, fabric blocks, cushion covers, a bag and more. Many of the knitting books featured on this site include information on the different stitches as well as guidance on how to understand knitting patterns and the terms used in this craft.

We have used a chunky wool yarn and size 12 Surina Knitting Needles. These handmade needles are lightweight and very smooth, making them ideal for the beginner knitter. With a cast on of 10 stitches, using this yarn and needles, your knitting will be about 15cm wide but this will vary depending on the tension of your knitting.

Step 1: 

Begin by Casting on 10 stitches. Push the right hand needle into the first stitch from the bottom.

Pushing the Needle into the First Stitch

Step 2: 

Bring the yarn around from the right, underneath the bottom needle and up over between the cross.

Beginning to Knit

Step 3: 

With the bottom needle, use the point to pull the yarn through the first cast on stitch. Push the right hand needle to the end of the left hand needle and drop the last stitch (indicated in green)

Indication of how to Knit

Step 4: 

There is now a stitch on the right hand needle.

A Stitch on the Right Hand Needle

Step 5: 

Continue with the steps above until all the stitches have been transferred to the right hand needle.

Stitches moving from the Left to the Right hand Needle

Step 6: 

When you have completed the row, swap needles to the opposite hands and start the process again.

A Complete Row of Stitches

Step 7: 

It is often very frustrating for the beginner to learn knitting, especially as it takes time for the knitting to grow. As this yarn is so chunky and the needles so big, it will not take long for the knitting to build up.

The Beginning of a Piece of Knitting

Ensure you leave enough yarn to Cast Off.

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