Light Reflective Yarn – Highlighting Lace

Lace Highlighted with Light Reflective Yarn A response to our email asking for your opinions about printing a catalogue this year, gave us this very pleasant response from lace maker and jewellery maker, Louise West.

She wrote;

‘I personally like to be able to hold the catalogue and browse through it. It is my first port of call if I want something.

The main problem with the website, is very often you have to know what something is called or know what you want before you look for it, you don’t browse it the same as you do with the catalogue.

It was a typical example of the light reflective thread, I was looking through printed materials, not really looking for anything in particular but just browsing when I saw this and I didn’t even know I wanted it, but ended up using it on an MA piece of work, which is currently in the Bowes Museum exhibition ‘Study, Design and Create’. It was just what I needed but had never come across before, so I could not have searched on the website for it.’

The light reflective yarn is a 1mm wide PVC plastic strip coated with reflective material on both sides. It is strong enough to stitch with and can be used in both warp and weft. This interesting yarn which presents as a pale grey and reflects to a silver white, can be ironed with a cool iron and will shrink when a hot iron is applied. The shrinkage does not affect the reflective quality and can be used to create special weaving effects.

Reflective Yarn Shining a Silver White

Extra Comments

Louise also said about the yarn ‘It was really good to use, and gave me the effect I wanted to highlight it, I knew it was being submitted to the Bowes for possible selection, and that the lighting in there was low level, so I needed something to catch peoples eye. (I had previously considered fibre optics but didnt want it to look like a Christmas tree!!) This fitted the bill but I think it needs careful use.’

We recommend a visit to Louise’s website to see her other beautiful designs.

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