Louet Junior Drumcarder

To spin a light and lofty yarn fibres should be carded before spinning them. A drumcarder makes light work of this process and can also be used for creating blends of fibre such as the Merino Wool and Silk blend pictured below. The blends of fibre can be used by both spinners and felt makers.

Fast way of carding fibres

The Louet Drumcarder is a relatively small machine, weighing just 6kg, and an economical option for the beginner spinner.

The drum carder is made of laminated birch and has a hard white coating, making it easy to keep clean. The drums are 10cm (4″) wide and their surface speed ratio is an efficient 12:1. Each drum is covered in hardwearing teeth. These are made of high grade plated steel wire and set at 72 tpi (teeth per inch). This makes the Junior ideal for carding very fine fibres as well as more substantial wools. As a safe guard, the gearbox is enclosed to prevent fibres from entering the gear system.

Each drumcarder comes with a doffer brush, doffer pin and two table clamps, plus an instruction manual written by well known author and fibre artist Deb Menz. weighs 6kg (10lb)

Here is an overview of how to create a batt of carded fibre:

How to use a Lout drumcarder

  1. Attach the drumcarder with the two table clamps onto a corner of a solid table. Take the fibre in your left hand, and as you are turning the large drum with your other hand, allow the fibre to be pulled between the two drums. Try to distribute the fibre across the width of the drums and do not feed through too much at one time.
  2. When the large drum is full, use the doffer pin (the black handled item in our photograph) to remove the fibre by pushing it beneath the fibres in the wooden rail on the carding cloth.
  3. Lift the mass with the doffer and turn the drum backwards while pulling away the batt of carded fibre. It is not necessary to clear the small drum unless you wish to change colour or fibre mix.

Range of wool and silk colours

There are a selection of drumcarders available from the Fibre Preparation section on our website. If you do not see what you need, please contact us. We are able to order any spinning or weaving item sold by Louet, Schacht, Glimarkra, Howard Brush, or Ashford Handicrafts.

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