Luxury Scarf from Mohair Loop Yarn

Knitting Scarves from MohairThis Mohair Loop Yarn just has to be seen and felt! It is luxuriously soft and knits into a sumptuous scarf – ideal for Christmas presents. The scarf was knitted using the basic knit stitch on size 10mm Surina wooden needles. 12 stitches were cast onto the needle and a 100g hank was used.

Don’t worry if you can’t knit very well (our knitter was a complete novice) because the pretty loops disguise any irregular stitches. All you need to learn is how to cast on, create the knit stitch and how to cast off. The finished scarf can be dyed using acid dyes or you can space dye the yarn with low water immersion dyeing before knitting it.

Size 10mm Surina Needles and Mohair Loop Yarn

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