Making a Polymer Clay Cane Using an Extruder

The different shaped extruder dies


You can use the Makin’s extruder to create consistently sized and shaped polymer clay ‘logs’ for making canes to decorate beads etc (see how to use the extruder from our page Using an Extruder with Polymer Clay). For this cane, three colours of clay and two disc shapes were chosen. The red clay was used to create the + shape. The green and yellow polymer clays were extruded through the square disc. The image above shows the extruded shapes positioned ready to be pressed together to make the cane.

Cane Slices and Beads

The square shaped logs fit into the corners of the cross shape perfectly. Position the colours where you want them and squeeze the logs together to make them stick together. You can either leave the cane as a square shape or you can roll it to make it round. To make the beads, portion out the clay you have chosen, roll the clay into a ball (see How to make a Round Bead from Polymer Clay), and place slices of the cane onto the bead before rolling it again to make the slice sink into the surface (see above).

Cane Slice decorated Beads

Hazel Hampshire’s accomplished millefiori beads were created from a complex polymer clay cane. Please read our online guide if you wish to learn how to make a basic decorative Millefiori cane flower.

Advanced Polymer Clay Decoration

George Weil sells a large selection of modelling tools for clays and there are also a choice of extruders and disc sets.

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