Making Jewellery from Millefiori Canes

with Sue Heaser

This pretty jewellery is made using slices from the Millefiori flower cane and slices from the Leaf cane.


Materials and Tools

You will need a flower cane reduced to about 13mm diameter, a leaf cane reduced to about 13mm diameter, a slicer blade, a darning needle or needle tool, silver wire – 20 gauge (0.8mm), 10 jump rings, a toggle clasp, fish hook ear wires, wire cutters, and round nosed pliers. All the items listed above can be found in Jewellery Making section of the website.

Step 1

Use the slicer blade to cut slices from the two canes, about 3mm thick. You will need 7 flower cane slices and four leaf cane slices for a pair of earrings and an average size bracelet. Cut more slices to make a larger bracelet.


Step 2

Press the side of the darning needle into the side of the flower cane slices between the petals to accentuate the flower shape.


Step 3

Now hold a flower cane slice between your fingers and carefully pierce through the cane from one edge to the other. Repeat for the remaining flower cane slices.


Step 4

Pierce sideways through each leaf cane in the same way, piercing it across the upper part of the leaf so that it will hang down when attached to the bracelet.


Step 5

Bake the clay following the manufacturers instructions and allow cool before linking the polymer clay cane slices together with wire.

Turn a loop in the end of a piece of wire. Thread the other end of the wire through a flower cane slice. Cut the wire with wire cutters to leave 6mm protruding from the cane slice.


Step 6

Turn another loop in the cut end of the wire so that it is snug against the cane edge. The cane slice will now have a loop at each side.


Step 7

Repeat with the remaining flower and leaf cane slices until they all have wire threaded through them with a loop at each end. Attach a jump ring between each pair of slices, alternating the leaf slices through the bracelet. The bracelet shown has five flower canes slices and four leaf slices. Add more if you want a larger size bracelet. Attach a toggle clasp to the ends of the bracelet.


Making the Earrings

Attach a fish hook ear wire to one of the loops on each of the remaining two canes slices to make dangling earrings to match the bracelet.

Finished Polymer Clay Earrings

More examples of polymer clay Millefiori Canes by Sue Heaser:


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