Metallic Screen Printing Inks


The Selectasine screen printing system offers the screen printer a choice of binders and pigments to create various effects.

The Metallic Binder MT has been formulated specifically to combine with our metallic powders. These extra fine metallic pigments are available in gold or silver. The particles are tiny enough to create a liquid metal which passes through the screen without clumping.


Just 100-150g of the metallic powder is needed per 1kg of the binder which when cured, can be heat set to allow printed garments to be washed.

Adding a small amount of the liquid coloured pigments will tint the metallic paints. It is crucial to experiment and test with this combination to ensure that the setting properties of the binder are not inhibited by over dilution.

These products can be seen in the Screen Printing section of the website. Please view the rest of our blog for guides and information.

Metallic Ink Screen Printing

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