Mixed Media Collage

Woven Silk Fibres

A further variation on the silk papermaking method. Ruth Edwards has taken lengths of dyed and undyed silk fibres and woven them prior to applying the CMC paste.

Silk fibres bound with CMC paste

Silk Sea

This design, by Alison Bate, has been created using hand-dyed silk fibres and CMC paste by following the silk papermaking method. Other fibres such as cotton or wool could also be used with this method.

Silk papermaking methods

Tissutex Art

Linda Chapman created this piece with Tissutex. Using a watery solution of Silk Paper Medium, she took small pieces of dyed tissutex and glued them down onto the main sheet. She then built up layers with skeleton leaves, paper yarn and re-claimed blue-jeans fibre.

The dried laminated paper can then be embellished with hand stitching or machine embroidery.

Decorative collage

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