Moulding with Angelina Fibre

Here we have discovered a fun and simple way to bind the heat bondable Angelina fibres into a three-dimensional shape. The fibres need only a very small amount of indirect heat to make them fuse, in this instance, boiling water is involved so please take care!

Please note, this project is not suitable for children as it involves the use of boiling water.

Angelina Fibre 3 dimensional moulding

Making the Cup from Angelina Fibres

Step 1:

You will need two small plastic pudding basins of the same size. Carefully line one of the basins with a thin layer of Angelina fibre and then place the other basin within the first.

Place Angelina in heat proof bowl


Step 2:

Pour freshly boiled water into the top basin to about 1cm below the rim. Then place the basins in a larger container such as a mixing bowl or jug and pour more boiling water into the container to about 2 cm below the rim of the pudding basins.

Leave to stand for 15 minutes and then carefully lift the pudding basins out of the larger container.

The Angelina fibre will melt and bond


Step 3:

Pour the water out of the inner basin and lift it out. The Angelina fibres will have adhered themselves to the outer edge of the inner basin.

Step 4:

Gently push the fibres downwards and away from the edge of the basin to release the Angelina cup.

The feathered edge of this cup has been trimmed but the result is equally as effective untrimmed.

The Angelina fibre has fused


Your bowl can be used for sweets, pot pourri or gifts.

Alternatively, turn it upside down, pierce a hole through the centre and stitch a thread in place to use it as a delicate, glistening Christmas decoration.

Delicate tree decoration made from Angelina

The Angelina fibres are available in a choice of 9 glistening colours, find out more.

Heat bonding fibres - Angelina 9 colours

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