Needle Felted Caterpillar from Somerset

Look who came back from Somerset with Philippa! This little fella was found at the One Craft Gallery in Shepton Mallet. We think we have identified the maker; jewellery designer Rachel Kerrison needle felts small animals and creatures when working at the gallery.

Felted Wool Fibres

Rachel has shaped the caterpillar so that he can sit on the edge of a shelf or another surface where he can be admired.

Felted Wool Fibres

Purple dots, green stripes and a detailed red face, all worked into the wool fibre using a felting needle.

Caterpillar created with a felting needle

Merino Wool Tops Colours

Why not give it a try?

Make your own colourful caterpillar using a felting needle and any of the Merino wool tops available from George Weil, the mixed multi packs of Merino Wool offer excellent value for experimentation!

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