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Welcome to the George Weil Blog FAQs which includes information about the art and craft products sold on this website. There are project ideas, photographs of items created by our customers, product reviews, and step-by-step instructions. If there is anything you would like to see included here or if you would like to contribute an item, please email

The Rain Stops Play with Jacquard Dye-na-flow


Attempt two of the Jacquard Dye-na-flow Sun Printing test was scuppered when, once again, the sun became swallowed up by rain clouds. I first discovered the technique of heliographic sun printing when Pebeo brought out their Setacolor Soleil paints and I was given the opportunity to test them with my children. This image (right) shows […]

Screen Printing using Screen Filler & Drawing Fluid


Screen Filler The direct block-out or Negative Method of screen printing can be achieved by using Speedball Screen Filler. The screen filler blocks out the areas of the screen that you do not want to print through. It is always a good idea to make sure your screen is completely clean before starting a new […]

Fiber Etch for Cutwork and Devore – fabric sampling

Devore on satin

by Allison Holland I was very excited about the opportunity to play with Fiber Etch. Fiber Etch gel is designed to dissolve plant (cellulose) fibres such as cotton, viscose, linen and rayon. It is used for the “burn-out” process of devore and cutwork, while polyester, other synthetic fibres, wool and silk fibres remain intact. My […]

Block Printed Card using Speedy Stamps and Acrylic Paints

Speedy Carve printed card

This is an effective method of batch producing handmade cards. We suggest you keep your initial designs simple by choosing shapes such as the flower head we have used. You will need the following block printing equipment: Making the Block The design for this card was cut in 3 stages. Alison used Jacquard Textile colours […]

Block Printing with Speedball Speedy Carve

Speedball Speedy Carve Blocks

The Speedball Speedy Stamps are made from a high density rubber which can be easily carved to make unique stamps for a multitude of surfaces. The Speedy Carve Blocks are a flexible and durable alternative to lino and do not crack, crumble or break. Their ability to bend abound shapes, such as glasses or plant […]

The Pocket Color Wheel – a guide to mixing colour


The Pocket Color Wheel (yes color – it is made in the U.S.A.) is an essential tool for learning all about colour. The wheel consists of three cardboard discs which are joined in the centre. The middle wheel has the 12 main colours positioned equally around the edge while the discs either side have holes […]

DEKA Transparent & DEKA Cristal


George Weil have been selling the range of DEKA paints for many years and they continue to be popular with our customers. The DEKA Transparent and DEKA Cristal paints are fully transparent, bright colours which dry to a glossy finish on glass, metal, wood, ceramic, polymer clay, metal foils, acrylic and more. The difference between […]

Printing with Dyes and Paints

Thicken dyes for printing

Thicken paints or dyes using the following methods to create unique hand printed textiles. RESISTAD WATER-BASED GUTTA Resistad is a concentrated, viscous water-based medium which can be used as a gutta resist in silk painting, or as a printing paste for screen printing, block printing, and stamping. To use as a printing paste, start with […]

Lowering the pH for Acid Dyes


Citric Acid is a weak organic acid used as an acidifier in dyeing. It will alter the pH level of the dye bath and is an odourless alternative to white vinegar when immersion dyeing protein fibres such as silk and wool with Acid Dyes. If you are painting or printing with Acid dyes, or using […]

Art Clay Silver Clay – Tried & Tested


By Allison Holland The new Gedeo silicone moulds from Pebeo have been added to our range of craft products to compliment the exciting new resins introduced in the previous post. There are two moulds, one offering a selection of cabochon shapes and the other a variety of button shapes. These moulds are non-stick and can […]

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