Painted Flower Canvas Bag

Painting by Allison HollandYou can paint bags, canvas shoes, t-shirts and more using fabric paints and the following technique. If you’re fed up with High Street fashions and can’t find the colours or styles you want, this is a fun way of customising items to create a unique and personal look. If you would like to paint your own bag, this canvas shopper can be ordered from this website.

Flowers Painted onto Canvas Bag

This simple design was first sketched out on the canvas bag using an auto-fade pen.

Sketching the Flower

Step 1: To create the flower, first draw around a glass or cup with the auto-fade pen. Dont worry about mistakes as the ink will fade within 3-4 days.

Drawing a flower onto fabric

Step 2: Roughly divide the circle into 6 segments and then draw a smaller circle in the centre.

Drawing a flower onto fabric

Step 3: Draw in the petal shape at the outer edge.

Drawing a flower onto fabric

When you are happy with your design, draw around the flower with a black pen. The Deka Twin Pens are ideal for this purpose as you can choose to have either a thin or thick outline.

Choose a thick fabric paint such as Deka Permanent, Jacquard Textile or Jacquard Lumiere and paint within the lines.

Put the loaded brush onto the fabric just inside the outline and drag the paint away from the outline. As the surface is not smooth, it may take a little effort to paint in the areas. Patience and practice will produce satisfying results.

Allow to dry fully before ironing the inside of the bag to set the paint colours.

by Allison Holland

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