Craft Paints for Fabric, Paper and other Surfaces

We offer a range of water based acrylic paints specifically formulated for use on both natural and synthetic fabrics. Most of them can also be used to paint paper and card and some, such as Jacquard Lumiere are effective on knitwear, leather, wood, and clay.

Silk and fabric paints contain pigments that settle on the surface of the fibre from which the fabric is woven, along with a fixative to attach the particles. The basic paint is made from the same insoluble dye particles as used in artists acrylic paints suspended in water and with a higher concentration of fixative. The fixative is set by ironing the back of the fabric for 3-4 minutes using a ‘cotton’ setting.

Deka Silk BottlesThere are several ranges of iron fix silk paints which have been formulated to simulate dyes as closely as possible. They are perfect for the beginner and the available mediums can be used to create a variety of exciting techniques. All are intermixable to create the precise colour you require. Once the silk paint is set on the silk fabric, the fabric retains a high sheen and fluidity.

Deka Silk paints, Javana silk paints and P©b©o Setasilk paints offer hundreds of colours between them. They are all water based and therefore intermixable.

Jacquard Dye-na-flow is a free flowing liquid colour. It is very similar to a dye, and can be used for silk painting, tie dyeing, batik and airbrushing. It can also be used to good effect on paper for water colour effects.

Other paints, such as Deka Permanent, are thicker in their consistency and can be used as they are or diluted with water. There is a high level of pigment and binder in these paints which makes them more opaque on darker fabrics.

Jacquard also make an excellent metallic powder pigment, Pearl-Ex. The fine powders can be combined with Jacquard Colourless Extender to create metallic paints or they can be combined with Selectasine Binders to create inks for screen printing.

The following samples give an indication of how some of the paints behave on fabric and paper.

Samples on cotton (from left, below)

Deka Permanent, Jacquard Lumiere, Jacquard Textile, Jacquard Dye-na-flow and Pebeo Setacolor Soleil. The Jacquard Dye-na-flow and Pebeo Setacolor Soleil paints are more fluid than the other paints which have a higher content of acrylic. The acrylic binder makes these paints suitable for painting on other surfaces such as wood, knits and clay. It is the acrylic binder which makes all these paints permanent on fabric, once it has been heat-set with an iron.

Deka Permanent, Jacquard Lumiere, Jacquard Textile, Jacquard Dye-na-flow and Pebeo Setacolor Soleil

Samples of Jacquard Lumiere (from left, below) on Leather Lokta paper, cotton, Lokta paper and denim

Colours used (from top) are Silver, Bright Gold, Hi-lite Blue & Hi-lite Red. The acrylic binder in the Jacquard Lumiere paints stretches with the fabric. This makes it ideal for dance wear, leotards and knits.

Metallic Pearlescent Paint Samples

Samples of Jacquard Pearl-Ex stamp pads on Leather Lokta paper and denim.

We are running down our stock of stamp pads but the same effect can be achieved by combining the Pearl-Ex with Jacquard Colourless Extender

Stamp Pads used on Leather Lokta paper and denim

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