Paper Yarn for Weaving or Knitting

Paper yarn is remarkably strong and can be used for weaving mats, screens, and window blinds. The finer, more flexible paper yarns can also be knitted.

Paper Yarns

The image above left, shows two samples of paper yarn. The sample on the left shows a corded yarn which means the paper has been twisted (or spun) to create a very strong yarn. The corded paper yarn needs to be dampened with water to make it flexible enough for weaving or knitting. The sample on the right is Shifu paper. Shifu or folded paper yarn is very flexible but not as strong as the corded yarn.

Uses for Paper Yarn

Paper Yarn JewelleryThe image above shows examples of paper yarn knitted. The white knitting is the fine loosely spun yarn and was knitted using large knitting needles, the brown knitting was created using a folded yarn. The image above right shows a woven folded yarn. The fabric is very flexible and ideal for making hats and bags. The image right shows the corded paper yarn woven into a braid.

Paper yarn can be dyed to any colour using Procion MX dyes or coloured using fabric paints such as Jacquard Dye-na-Flow.

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