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Polymer Clay Bead with Spiral Cane Slices

Decorative Handmade Bead

with Sue Heaser

This project shows you how to decorate a round bead with slices from a spiral cane made with polymer clay. The technique works equally well with slices from a millefiori cane.

You will need a spiral cane, polymer clay in a contrasting or matching colour, and a tool, such as a darning needle, to pierce the bead once it is made.

The bead pictured was pierced with a large darning needle before being baked. It was then strung on a 1 metre length of leather thong.

Step 1 

First cut plenty of slices from the cane.

Slicing a polymer clay cane

Step 2 

Follow our instructions to make a round bead. Now apply slices of the cane all over the bead. You can apply them as randomly or evenly as you wish.

Polymer clay bead decorated with cane slices


Step 3 

To flatten the cane slices against the surface of the bead, place it in the palm of one hand and press the palm of the other hand lightly over it. Rotate the top hand, keeping an even pressure. Keep inspecting the bead to check its progress – the cane slices will sink into the bead surface until the bead is smooth.

Rolling the polymer clay bead


Step 4 

Now pierce the bead and roll the bead on your palm in the same way. The size of the hole will determine what you use to string the bead.

Adding a hole to the polymer clay bead


Step 5 

Bake the bead before stringing it to make a necklace.

Polymer clay bead on thong


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