Polymer Clay Buttons

with Sue Heaser

Handmade Polymer Clay ButtonsThe working possibilities of polymer clay are endless. By blending fully pigmented colours with a translucent colour it can be made to emulate semi-precious stones or it can be inlaid with coloured resin to create faux enamel. The surface can be brushed with pearlescent powders to make polymer clay ‘metal’ or it can be carefully blended to simulate highly polished wood.

Here we have chosen to use Lisa Pavelka texture stamps and the resultant buttons could be further enhanced using the afore mentioned techniques. Pictured right are a collection Sue Heaser’s imaginative and fun buttons.

In addition to the materials specified on our How to Make Buttons page, you will need a texture sheet (Sue has used a Lisa Pavelka texture stamp Decorative, Swirly Q), talcum powder and a round button.

Detailed Polymer Clay Buttons

Step 1

Roll out the clay (we have used an acrylic roller) on the tile between the rolling guides, or use a pasta machine to make a sheet about 3mm thick. Leave the clay sheet on the tile. This image is taken from our page on How to Make Buttons

Making Polymer Clay Buttons Step 1

Step 2

Lightly dust the surface of the polymer clay with talcum powder to prevent the stamp sticking. Lay the stamp on the clay surface and press all over the back to impress it into the clay. Peel back one corner to check it has made a deep enough impression. If not, replace and press on some more.

Using a Lisa Pavelka texture stamp Decorative, Swirly Q

Step 3

Cut out the buttons as before (see our How to Make Buttons page). Indent the centre with the side of a round button to make a thread channel. Pierce holes at each end of the thread channel. Bake on the tile according to the clay manufacturers instructions – usually about 20-30 minutes at 130°C. When cool, remove from the tile. If the buttons have slightly rough edges, you can sand them with fine sandpaper.

Finishing the Polymer Clay buttons ready to bake them

The End Result

Four sets of buttons in four fun colours of polymer clay! Vary the texture by using items found around the house or choose from the stamps and textures sheets on this site. The various cutters offer a vast choice of shapes and sizes.

Adding Variety to Polymer Clay

These fun soldier toggles were designed and made by Sue Heaser. The tiny details have been picked out using different coloured clays. Thread holes are incorporated into the design by using the same coloured thread as the yellow braiding on the soldiers uniform.

High detail Polymer Clay work

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