Polymer Clay Hearts Valentine Card

Fine Metal CutterThe simple design for this handmade card can be used for Valentines Day or any other romantic occasion. Polymer clay is very lightweight when it is rolled out thinly and once baked it remains robust and durable.

Step 1

Break off a lump of red clay and knead it until soft and flexible. Do the same with a smaller amount of pink. Squeeze the colours together until they have blended, losing the join. Either Premo Sculpey or FIMO polymer clay will be fine for this project.

Red and Pink Kneaded Polymer Clay

Step 2

Roll out the clay to about 1mm thick using the method in the following image

Blended Red and Pink Polymer Clays

Step 3

You can use 2 rulers or thick cardboard. Place the strips parallel on either side of the clay an begin to roll. The surface of the clay will be rolled out level and to the thickness of the strips.

Using a roller and rolling strips

Step 4

A number of hearts were cut out from the rolled clay and baked in the oven following the instructions found on the clay packet. Any imperfections can be carefully smoothed off before baking, or they can be sanded off with fine sandpaper once the shapes have been baked.

Heart shaped decorative Polymer Clay

Step 5

The same heart shaped cutter was used as a template for the paper heart.

Using a cutter with Polymer Clay

Step 6

A close-up of the card. The baked polymer clay hearts stick to paper and card easily with PVA Tacky glue.

Polymer Clay hearts

Step 7

Finished Valentines Day cards decorated with handmade paper and polymer clay heart shapes.

Valentines Day Cards

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