Polymer Clay Tree Ornaments

The malleable polymer clay can be shaped or moulded using a number of methods. A simple way to create consistent shapes is to use a cutter and rolling strips (or CD cases as in the example below). The polymer clay is first conditioned by holding and working it. The heat from your hands makes the clay soft enough to roll out and then shape.

Step 1

Position your rolling strips or CD cases either side of the conditioned clay and roll until the clay is level

Using CD cases as rolling strips

Step 2

Place cutters on the clay, we have used the Makin’s cutters which come in sets containing 3 sizes, and press hard to cut down to the work surface

Makin's Cutters used to cut Polymer Clay

Step 3

Tear the clay from around the cutters so as not to distort the shape

Maintaining crisp shape edge

Step 4

A smaller cutter is used to cut a heart shape out of the larger heart shape

Heart shaped Polymer Clay

Step 5

When the shapes are ready, make a hole at the top and brush with metallic powder. Jacquard Pearl Ex powder is extra fine and available in a large choice of colours.

Polymer Clay brushed with Jacquard Pearl Ex powder

Bake the shapes in your oven following the instructions on the polymer clay packaging. The clay will bake to a hard and robust material. This allows you to keep and use your ornaments for years to come.

Polymer Clay Heart and Star decorations

These simple and effective polymer clay decorations can be used as Christmas Tree ornaments, Valentines decorations or as decoration for other craft projects.

The ornament in the bottom right hand corner of the photograph has been made by pushing together 6 small heart shapes. This design would be effective as a pendant and the smaller, precision made cutters would be ideal for this.

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