Pressed Flowers and Handmade Paper Collage by Carolyn Durkin

Carolyn Durkin Collage, pressed flowers and papersShattered Purple

Collage by Carolyn Durkin, member of the World Wide Pressed Flowers Guild.

‘Shattered Purple’ is an A4 arrangement on a coloured card base. A torn piece of mulberry paper is mounted onto the card using spray adhesive. Triangles of Silk Gauze and slivers of Sloshy Paper in complimentary colours are placed randomly on the mulberry paper and glued down. Pressed hydrangea flowers complete the picture.

The artists selected the plant materials and pressed them.

Autumn Sunset

Also created by Carolyn Durkin, this is an arrangement using mount board as a base. The background is Dyed Tissutex selected for its sunset colours and fixed to the mount board using a spray adhesive. Torn Sloshy Paper is used for mountain sides on either side of the picture and fixed using PVA glue. Pressed maidenhair fern gives the impression of trees growing from the mountainsides. The foreground is made up from an assortment of pressed autumn leaves.

Carolyn Durkin Collage 2

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