Printed Silk Organza Greetings Card

inkjet printer and copier fabric, Extrav OrganzaThese paper-backed Organza fabric sheets can be used for printing on inkjet printers and copiers. They can be used to build up layers of printed text and photographs giving interest and depth in cardmaking, scrapbooking, montage, patchwork and 3d embroidery.

You can use images from scanned photographs, digital cameras, web pages, clip art, paint and draw programs and photo CDs to produce unique and personalised items for loved ones and friends.

The sheets can be used with cardboard, handmade paper, silk paper, felt and printable silk or cotton fabric.

Making the Card

This card was designed and created by Linda Chapman. It is a relatively simple design but nonetheless very effective. Linda used a card blank, available from most stationery stores, and stuck a layer of batik decorated tissue paper in the centre. The tissue paper was wetted with a paint brush before being pulled apart to reveal a feathered edge.

Cardboard, Silk Paper, and Felt Inkjet printed Card

Linda then created her message in Microsoft Word, ensuring she used a text frame to dimensions that would fit the front of the card. Don’t forget that more than one message/photo can be added in the document before printing onto the sheet.

Linda decided to print her text in red ink to compliment the colour of the card (remember that the default font colour for most programmes is black). She then printed her document as on normal paper (ensuring it was the correct side up!) and removed the paper backing.

Christmas Card made with Organza Printable Silk FabricThe print out was then cut to size and a small amount of the threads were pulled from around the message to create an effective fringe.

The printed organza was then sprayed lightly with a spray adhesive before being pressed into place on the card.

Please note:

If the printed organza is intended for use in upholstery or clothing, it must be allowed to dry for 24 hours before the paper backing is removed. Washing the organza prior to use will help to ensure there is no risk of bleed. The print will be hand washable, very light fast and retain suppleness.

Other ideas!

This detailed and highly textured birthday card was created by Linda using handmade silk paper as a base.

The layers of silk paper have been overstitched using complementary silk and metallic threads and painted with Jacquard Lumiere acrylic fabric paints to create highlights.

Overstitched Silk decorated with Jacquard Lumiere Paints and Metallic Threads

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