Printing with Jacquard Iron-On Transfer Paper

jacquard-iron-on-transfer-paper-light-coloured-fabricsPrint images onto fabrics such as t-shirts, bags, bedding, jackets, home textiles, banners, art quilts and much more with the iron on Jacquard Transfer Paper. There are two types of transfer sheets Jacquard Iron-On Transfer Paper for Light Coloured Fabrics and Jacquard Iron-On Transfer Paper for Dark Coloured Fabrics and these can be used to print any type of digital image from an inkjet printer, or designs can be drawn directly onto the sheets using crayons, pencil or ink.

Choose colourful designs, photographs, or drawings to created stunning one-of-a-kind items! Combine your images with stitch or enhance with fabric paints such as Jacquard Lumiere. The possibilities are endless!

How to Use Jacquard Iron-On Transfer Paper

    1. Select an image or photo on your computer, or create a design of your own. You can also draw (or paint) directly onto the white side of the transfer paper with crayon, markers or inks.
      This image was chosen for a 90’s themed dress-up festival
    2. If your image has text or a specific direction, make sure to mirror (or flip) your image before printing.
      This image was opened in Microsoft Windows and then flipped horizontally
    3. In the print dialog box, set your sheet size (remembering to adjust the guides on your printer) change the paper setting to ‘plain’ and quality setting to ‘normal’ or ‘quality.’ Using an inkjet printer, print your image on the white coated side of the transfer paper.
    4. Allow the print to dry for 15 minutes. Trim the edges of the image or cut out the elements of the design.
    5. Iron the fabric to be printed to remove any wrinkles.
    6. Heat the iron to the cotton/linen setting (use lower temperatures for synthetic fabrics and blends). On a smooth hard surface, place the transfer paper image side down onto the fabric.jacquard-iron-on-transfer-sheet-face-down
    7. Firmly place the iron on the transfer image and hold for 20 seconds. Lift and repeat the process until the entire image has been pressed.
    8. Wait 2-3 minutes for the transfer to cool before peeling off the backing in a smooth and even motion.
    9. This image demonstrates how well Jacquard Iron-On Transfer Paper for Light Coloured Fabrics works on a light grey marl t-shirt. The image is clear and the colours are bold, although slightly darkened by the grey marl background. The print sits nicely on the fabric and does not feel particularly “plasticky” compared to some other iron-on transfer sheets.

Tips & Ideas for using Jacquard Iron-On Transfer Paper

  • Choose white to light coloured fabrics with a fine weave when colour matching and detail is important for the finished design.
  • Take care not to move the fabric (especially if it is a knit or t-shirt material) while ironing the back of the transfer sheet.
  • Use Jacquard Iron-On Transfer Paper for Dark Coloured Fabrics for dark to black coloured fabrics. It is a slightly different process from the one detailed above.
  • Cut around images if you do not want the background to be included.
  • Use black and white photographs and add colour with felt tips, pastels or pencils directly onto the sheet before ironing on the transfer.
  • Prolong the life of your prints. Turn fabric inside out and wash according to the fabric’s normal instructions or wash by hand in warm water. Remember not to scrub at the printed image!
  • Get the most out of your sheet! If you’re lucky enough to have Adobe Photoshop, or another photo editing program, set your file size as per the transfer sheet size and design within these dimensions. Alternatively, use the whole sheet by importing a number of images and arranging them on the sheet so that they can be cut out when the sheet is printed. Most people will have access to a copy of Microsoft Word. 1. Set your document size to Letter 21.59 x 27.94cm and 2.insert pictures:
    Add a number of images to be printed onto the transfer paper. Cut out before ironing onto the fabric