Screen Printing with Jacquard deColourant Discharge Paste

Jacquard Decolourant Discharge PasteJacquard deColourant Discharge Paste has been formulated for removing areas of colour from natural dark coloured fabrics, and as it is less aggressive, the paste does not damage fabric in the same way as bleach. The reaction occurs when the paste has dried and is steam ironed on the highest setting for the fabric.

The discharge paste will remove most colours although there are some Procion MX fibre reactive dyes that are not susceptible to colour removal and test samples should be made prior to production runs. Bear in mind also that not all fabrics will be discharged to white as this will depend on how responsive the dye is to the paste and the original colour of the fabric.

The paste can be applied with a stamp or through a screen, and it can be diluted to so that it can be applied with a brush. Diluting the paste will slow the reaction time when the heat is applied.

Method for Screen Printing with deColourant

Printing with Discharge paste

In this example, a stencil has been added to a silk screen. Jacquard deColourant discharge paste is poured into the frame prior to sweeping it across the stencil with a squeegee. As the paste does not contain a binder it is easily rinsed from equipment with warm water.

Printing onto a t-shirt

The discharge paste has been pushed through the cut out letters in the stencil to the black t-shirt beneath.

Print on clothes at home

The dried print is then steam ironed to activate the discharge agent and reveal the stencilled lettering. The item can then be rinsed in Synthrapol to remove any residue or odour.

As with all chemicals, caution should be taken when using this product. The paste and the fumes may cause eye, skin and throat irritation. Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin. To prevent inhaling vapour, do not apply by spraying and use in a well ventilated room.

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