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Stencil making with water-resistant Diazo Photo Emulsion

Diazo Photo Emulsion

A screen is coated with photo sensitive emulsion and allowed to dry. The stencil is made by placing a “film positive” (i.e. your design printed onto a transparency, or hand drawn onto draft film / polydraw using a permanent opaque marker) on the treated screen, which is then exposed to UV light. Where the light […]

Cotton Fabrics

Fine cotton fabric for Batik

The cotton material for Batik work requires a good finish, needs to be reasonably pliable and be able to accept the resist in order to prevent dye penetration. The Bleached Cotton, the Javanese Primissima and the Javanese Prima all meet this requirement. We recommend both the Primissima and Prima material for more detailed Batik work […]

Discharge Printing and Colour Replacement

Discharge Additive

Continuing from our previous post about screen printing with Jacquard Discharge Paste, we now have Jacquard Screen Ink Discharge Additive available for screen printers. The additive helps to achieve bright, vibrant screened colours on dyed dark fabrics without laying down an undercoat of white ink. This means that layers of ink do not need to […]

Screen Printing with Jacquard deColourant Discharge Paste

Screen Printing with Jacquard deColourant discharge paste

Jacquard deColourant Discharge Paste has been formulated for removing areas of colour from natural dark coloured fabrics, and as it is less aggressive, the paste does not damage fabric in the same way as bleach. The reaction occurs when the paste has dried and is steam ironed on the highest setting for the fabric. The […]

Metallic Screen Printing Inks

Screen Printing Benn Morgan

Selectasine The Selectasine screen printing system offers the screen printer a choice of binders and pigments to create various effects. The Metallic Binder MT has been formulated specifically to combine with our metallic powders. These extra fine metallic pigments are available in gold or silver. The particles are tiny enough to create a liquid metal […]

Selectasine Screen Printing Puff Binder

Screen printing puff binder

The Selectasine range of binders and pigments offer the textile artist a variety of options for screen printing and painting. Puff Binder This test shows how the Selectasine Puff Binder combined with Selectasine Pigment performs on finely woven cotton fabric. The pigment colour Fiery Red was combined with the puff binder at approximately 1 part […]

Screen Printing using Screen Filler & Drawing Fluid

Drawing Fluid Screen Filler

Screen Filler The direct block-out or Negative Method of screen printing can be achieved by using Speedball Screen Filler. The screen filler blocks out the areas of the screen that you do not want to print through. It is always a good idea to make sure your screen is completely clean before starting a new […]

Halftone Printing on Textiles

Half-tone screen printing

Halftone prints can be used to create stencils for screen printing (see our previous post Screen Printing with Diazo Photo Emulsion). Halftone is a reprographic technique which simulates greyscale imagery. It does this by using black dots in different sizes set at varying distances to each other. A halftone image can be printed onto a clear acetate […]

Screen Printing with Diazo Photo Emulsion

Diazo emulsion

The Diazo Photo Emulsion method of preparing a stencil for screen printing offers a wide range of possibilities. The technique makes it possible to print fine line drawings, hand and commercial lettering, and photographic half-tone positives. You can choose from the Zoico Coat WRV Diazo Photo or Speedball Diazo Photo Emulsion system. A polyester screen […]

Screen Printing using a Paper Stencil

Screen Printing Paper Stencil

First prepare the screen by washing it with detergent and rinsing it to making sure it is thoroughly clean and soap free. Allow to dry. Use Masking Tape along the sides of the frame so that half the width of the tape overlaps onto the screen mesh and the other half runs the length of […]