Simple Tribal Beads

Handmade Polymer Clay Jewellery

An ethnic necklace made by a complete novice from left over polymer clay!

How to divide polymer clay evenly

The ratio of colours was approximately 70:30 black to white, both colours were rolled into logs of the same length. The logs were then placed side by side, folded in half and rolled together into one log.

The log was divided evenly with a sharp craft knife by halving, halving again, and so on until it was divided into 16 pieces.

The finished necklace has 17 beads of varying sizes and a small amount of clay was taken off the other segments to make the 17th piece.

Blending Polymer Clay together
Beads threaded with a fine silver chain

Each segment was rolled into a ball and then alternate balls were rolled into logs. A hole was made large enough for leather thong, a ribbon or a chain using a small knitting needle. A silver chain was used in this example.

Leather thong is probably the most effective way of stringing up these beads. It adds to the ethnic feel of the piece. A simple method of connecting the ends of the thong, and for making the length adjustable, is illustrated below right.

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Handmade polymer clay jewellery

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