Soya Beans

If Jack had brought home Soya Beans, we’re sure his mother would never have thrown them out of the window.

This magical bean is a valued source of protein and a healthier alternative to meat. It can lower cholesterol and blood pressure and aid weight loss. Soya beans are classified as an oilseed rather than as a pulse. The bean can be used to produce oil, flour, and milk and is used extensively in the food industry.

Plant Protein Fibres

Our customers value the soya bean for the very soft fibre that is produced from it. It has a delicate shine and a creamy yellow colour and is very similar to tussah silk – making it a silk for vegans.

It is usual for plant fibres, which are cellulose, to be dyed using fibre reactive dyes. However, as the soya bean is protein, acid dyes are used to produce the best colours.

Our photograph shows the fibre before and after it is spun. Yarns spun from soya bean give fabric a fluid drape, and the woven or knitted fabric is breathable and soft.

Soy Wax

Another product derived from soy bean is soy wax. This wax can be used to make candles and gives a cleaner, longer lasting burn than paraffin wax.

Wax used for Batik

The wax is also used for the dye technique Batik and as the wax has a lower melting point than traditional waxes, produces no fumes and can be washed out with hot water and soap, it is a safer choice for teaching in classrooms and workshops.

If either of these products interest you, they can be bought online from this website: Soy Bean Fibre or Soy Wax

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