Stone Effect Beads from Polymer Clay

Handmade Polymer Clay Jewellery

These effective beads were made using FIMO Soft polymer clays. The white coloured clay is FIMO Soft Translucent and the photo does not show its full ice-like effect. Combined with the Peppermint colour and the Opal Green.

I created a rough cane by laying logs rolled from the three colours (divide a 56g block into 6 and use one piece for each colour). Cut the cane in half and one of the halves in half again.

Please look at our page on how to roll a round bead before moving onto the next stage:

Fold each of the lengths in half and roll into a ball. You can add small pieces of clay onto the surface to manipulate the pattern but try to ensure that the two smaller beads remain the same size.

When you are happy with the beads, pierce a hole large enough to accept leather thong. Bake the beads at 110ºC/230ºF for 30 minutes.

Take a 1 metre length of leather thong. Thread on the largest bead and tie a knot either side of it. Add one of the smaller beads on each side and tie knots to keep them in place.

At the end of the thong, tie a knot around the other end. Pull the knot tight (pliers are useful for this) and then pull the length through the knot so that you have enough thong to tie another knot around the length near the original knot (inset photo). These knots should slip along the length of the thong allowing you to adjust the length of the necklace. The photo shows the knots on the thong pulled close to the beads so that the thong is doubled and at its shortest length.

Want to give it a try?

Visit the Polymer Clay section of this website to find everything you need to get started on your own jewellery.

by Allison Holland

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