Sugar Free Polymer Clay Candy Canes

Polymer clay Christmas decorationsCandy canes look great on Christmas Trees, but how many of us remember to eat them before the decorations come down? Here’s a way to help save your teeth and save room for all the other leftover Christmas goodies. Take the idea further and make an extra long polymer clay cane and twist it into a Christmas Greeting such as Cara’s “Noel” below!

Preparing to Make the Candy Canes

  • You will need two colours of polymer clay. Cara chose the traditional colours of red and white and she used two 56g blocks of Premo Sculpey clay (all brands of polymer clay will work equally well).
  • If you want to make a long cane to twist into a word you will also need a large, smooth working surface. Do not work in food preparation areas.

How to Make the Polymer Clay Candy Canes

    1. Soften the clay thoroughly by working it in your warm hands (much like kneading bread dough).
    2. Roll the clay into a sausage.
    3. Work along the length of the sausage slowly with both hands and continue rolling until the polymer clay is approximately the width of a pencil.
    4. Repeat the above with the other colour of clay.
    5. Twisted polymer clay caneLay the sausages side by side and twist together without flattening shape.
    6. Now roll the cane so that the colours stick to each other and there are no longer any ridges.Two polymer clay canes combined
    7. Your Candy Canes are now ready to make!Sugar free candy cane!
    8. Bake the polymer clay for 30 minutes at 130°C to harden it – and that’s a wrap!Polymer clay decoration for Christmas

    More ideas for your Canes

    • Add a festive green bow made from polymer clay
    • Use Premo Accents Polymer clay (the Red Glitter will add sparkle)
    • Choose 2 colours to complement your decor or tree theme; grey and orange,  silver and white, blue and gold…
    • Make tiny versions of the Polymer Clay Candy Canes, add earring wires for fun Christmas jewellery

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