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  • The handmade books featured on this page have been made from Lokta paper. The handmade Lokta paper is made from the bark of the Daphne tree which regenerates after a few years, ensuring resources are never depleted. Skeleton leaves, paper yarn & Mulberry paper surround the photos The album pages above have been decorated with dyed skeleton leav

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  • The glistening Angelina fibres can be used in a number of ways. This 15 denier synthetic fibre has a low melting point. This means it can be fused together easily to make a flat sheet. Fusing the Fibres using boiling water These vessels were made by inserting the fibres between two plastic pots and adding boiling water to the top pot. The fibres th

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  • With half term and school holidays looming, we'd like to offer you a number of craft ideas for keeping the children occupied and for encouraging their creativity. Tapestry Weaving You will need a tapestry frame or an old picture frame, a selection of yarns (these can include strips of fabric, plastic bags or ribbons, our Mixed Bag of Yarns may be o

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  • with Sue Heaser Creating a sheet of clay that blends from one colour to another is a basic technique that you will find has dozens of uses when working with polymer clay. It is most often used in millefiori canes but a blended sheet also makes a lovely background for a relief picture, or provides a range of different colours for beads in a graded n

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  • Think of marbling as a printing process. Paints or inks are suspended on the surface of a prepared solution of size. Size, is a jelly-like mixture of a thickener such as Manutex RS, Methyl Cellulose (CMC powder) or Deka Marble Medium and water. The marbling medium (size) is poured into a shallow tray and the colours are dripped onto the surface. As

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  • Shibori, or most commonly known as Tie-dye, is a method of patterning cloth by stitching, binding, twisting and folding so that the dye is not able to reach certain areas of the fabric. This is a great technique for experimentation and can be used to decorate t-shirts, bedding, curtains and fabric ready for making into clothes. Following the instru

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  • Trying out Art Clay Silver clay doesn't have to be expensive. The 7g packet of Art Clay Silver 650 contains enough silver clay to make a simple ring or a pendant. Here a star shaped pendant has been fired and the surface is being burnished. Burnishing compacts and smooths the surface of the silver and gives a mirror like polish once all the scratch

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  • Until I found myself house bound by 11 inches of snow in Winter 2009, I had struggled to think of a use for my block of Sculpey Ultra Light. This lightweight polymer clay has quite a different texture from traditional polymer clays but bakes to a similar durable finish. The clay can be tinted using coloured polymer clays (as with this snowman's fla

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  • This is my attempt at silk painting, and I can't wait to have another go! Although I know a little about the techniques, I have never really put them into practice, until now. I hope this post helps you to get started. Tools and Materials for Silk Painting Before you can start, you will need a silk painting frame and pins, a good quality brush, a l

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  • Thank you to Dannelle Frost who took the time to email us regarding our page 'Spinning Directly from a Silk Hanky'. "I love spinning silk hankies. I read a long time ago that rubbing your fingers with lemon helps the silk not stick to rough spots on your fingers when handling the silk. This really does work! I keep a wedge of lemon in a small bowl

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  • Imagine our excitement when a delivery was opened here in July 2009 to reveal a deliciously packaged box of chocolates. We all gathered around Jo to share the delight as the lid was slowly lifted. Resisting the urge to reach out and grab the largest, yummiest chocolate in the box, Ian's hesitation was immediately followed by cries of glee! These 'H

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  • If you've got some free time between now and Christmas, here are some Christmas decoration projects just begging to be explored.... Computer Printed Silk Organza Christmas Card This card was designed and created by Linda Chapman. It is a relatively simple design but nonetheless very effective. Linda used a card blank, available from most stationer

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  • Felt is created by agitating wool fibres until they mat together to form a non-woven fabric. The fibres can be laid flat on a surface or molded around a former such as a hatshaper, cardboard or even a ball. On a bad day use the feltmaking process to relieve the tensions, it usually makes a very good felt. Making the felt is simple, it requires only

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  • It is great fun making felted balls - especially with the help from enthusiastic children! The balls can be used to make jewellery, toys, mobiles, embellishments, costume and more. Merino wool is particularly good for making felt. It has a long fine fibre which felts readily and is available as natural, and in a choice of 27 different colours. The

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