Mending and Hanging Terracotta Pots with Milliput Epoxy Putty

Terracotta Milliput Epoxy PuttyWhat is Milliput?

Milliput epoxy putty is used to repair damaged metals, glass, concrete, plastics, brick, cement and wood, and in places where welding is impractical. This malleable putty is also very popular with model makers for its work-ability and smooth finish.

When mixed in equal quantities, the two-part epoxy putty cures to a rock hard, durable finish which can be sanded, filed, drilled, turned and painted. It is self hardening (and will set under water!) and non-shrinking. Although it is not recommended as a thin layer adhesive, it will bond most materials.

In this post, we demonstrate the Terracotta Milliput epoxy putty which is ideal for repairing cracks and breaks in garden pots, picture frames, sculptures and brickwork.

Repairing a Pot with Terracotta Milliput Epoxy Putty

A pack of Milliput contains two sticks of putty. You will need to cut off a slice of the same size from each of the sticks. The soft putty is then kneaded until both colours of stick are fully combined.

Blending Milliput

The chipped edge of the garden pot below was repaired by pressing some of the blended putty into the crack before smoothing it over with wetted fingers.  The repair is almost invisible!

Mending chipped terracotta with Milliput

Making Hanging Terracotta Pots from Milliput

The bonding properties of cured Milliput is so strong that it can be used to make simple “brackets” for your terracotta plant pots. The Milliput was first rolled into a ball and then pressed into a disc shape.

Garden plant pot made from terracotta

The disc of Milliput was then pressed onto the rim of the pot and the join smoothed into the terracotta using a wet finger. An old biro pen was then used to make a hole.

Terracotta plant pot made into a hanging pot

The epoxy resin set hard within 3-4 hours and the pots were ready to hang!

Pots hanging from the fence

Milliput epoxy resin is available in Standard, Terracotta, Black and Silver Grey grades, and in a finer grade of White for repairing smooth finishes such as ceramics, porcelain and marble. Find out more about Milliput and to buy from George Weil.

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