The Ashford Fringe Twister

The Ashford Fringe Twister has been designed to make light work of making twisted fringe for handwoven garments, knitted scarves or for needle work projects – the finishing touch to your handmade items.

The Ashford Fringe Twister

You can also use the finge twister to create corded cotton, or to twist sliver prior to felting it.


There are four alligator clips mounted on a wooden block which is attached to a turning mechanism so that all four clips rotate in unison. The ends of the yarn (usually 4-6 wool strands or 6-8 cotton warp ends work well) are held in place by the clips and as they turn. When twisted, simply remove the clips, ply two twists together and tie a knot in the end to create the fringe.

How to make cording

The Fringe Twister includes a clamp so that it can be attached to a table for ease of operation, plus full instructions. Please visit the Knitting & Crochet section of the website if you would like to order the Ashford Fringe Twister.

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