The Fibrecrafts Felting Needle Holder

This simple wooden tool is designed for use with the super sharp, barbed felting needle.

Empty Felting Needle Holder
The Fibrecrafts Felting Needle Holder

Needle Felting Handle

The holder consists of two parts. The comfortable wooden handle has been fashioned to include a guard. This is so your hand does not slip forward onto the needles. The other part of the holder has four holes in which to insert the needles and screws easily into the handle.

Needle Felting Handle Construction

When everything is screwed securely into place, the felting needle holder provides a safe and sturdy handle for needle felting fibres and embellishments.

 Complete Needle Felting Handle

If you are working in detail, you can use the felting needle holder with just one needle.

 1 Needle in Needle Felting Handle

 Felting Needle

A close-up of the felting needle

Needle Felting Dyed Merino Wool

Merino wool tops about to be magically transformed!

Needle Felted Teddy Bear

This delightful teddy was needle felted by Jane Rodgers from Italian Silk Waste.

If you are new to this technique, please view Felt Making Using Felting Needles to learn more about how to needle felt.

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