The Pocket Color Wheel – a guide to mixing colour

The Pocket Color Wheel (yes color – it is made in the U.S.A.) is an essential tool for learning all about colour. The wheel consists of three cardboard discs which are joined in the centre. The middle wheel has the 12 main colours positioned equally around the edge while the discs either side have holes cut-out which reveal different colour results as they are turned.

The Wheel

Color Wheel

This front side (shown in the photograph) covers all the basics such as the three primaries, red, yellow and blue, which cannot be made by mixing other colours, and the secondary colours such as violet which are made by mixing two of the primaries, i.e. red and blue make violet. By turning the front disc, you can find out at a glance how adding white, black, or any of the primaries will have on the original colour. The photograph shows the position of the front disc turned so that it reveals what will happen if yellow is added to blue-violet, resulting in olive green.

The disc on the reverse side of the wheel explains colour relationships. Each pure colour is broken down into a tint (the colour plus white), tone (the colour plus grey), and shade (the colour plus black). In the centre of this disc is a diagram which signifies all the colour relationships (such as complementary and triad) which are explained by the glossary of Harmonious Colour terms, helping you to select colour schemes for your projects.

The Pocket Color Wheel is an indispensable tool for the artist, weaver and interior decorator.

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