The story of a dog, a joint effort, and a happy weaver in the sun

We received this email from a George Weil customer in Spain. “Hola! I am an existing customer. Recently I bought a Glimakra Tapestry Loom from you, I was very pleased with it. I went on holiday and asked a neighbour to water my plants (which she did) but her dog Goldie came too and has bitten the ends off my loom – the plastic spacers. Is it possible to purchase two of these same bars as replacements, if so can you state charges to include shipping to Valencia, Spain?”

Straight away Jo (our Sales Manager) wrote to Agneta Olsson at GAV GLIM…KRA AB. “Please can you help with this?”

Agneta wrote back (immediately) and said. “Yes of course. We will arrange something and I will let you know.”

Tapestry Weaving ExampleTrue to her word, Agneta wrote back the very next morning. “We will send the plastic parts directly to the customer today. No need for an invoice.”

Delighted with her answer, Jo wrote back to Agneta, “Thank you so much for your quick response. Another happy customer”, and then emailed our customer to let her know the good news, “I believe that Glimakra are posting you the replacement parts directly. Maybe Goldie would like to know how to weave, when she is fully trained!”

Our surprised customer was so overwhelmed, this is what she wrote. “I am speechless (for once). Thank you sincerely for your speedy action to my problem. In this day and age where after-sales service appears to be non-existent it is refreshing when a miracle happens. Kindest Regards For All Your Efforts.”

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