Transferring a Design onto a Lino Block

There are a number of techniques for transferring a design on to a lino block. Here is a simple method using a clip-art from your computer or an image from the internet.

Tracing a design

Using a soft lead pencil, draw a heavy outline around the image.

Transferring graphite to a lino block

The image above shows the reverse of the paper and the indentation from the pencil outline. The design is placed over the lino block and the pencil marks are transferred onto the block by rubbing over the surface of the paper with the end of the pencil.

The transfer of the soft graphite onto the lino block, below.

Marking where cuts will happen

To create the printing block, the areas of lino that will not be needed can be shaded in with the pencil to indicate which parts need to be removed with the cutter. This will help to prevent miscutting lino when working with a complicated design.

Below shows the Speedball Linozip Safety Cutter where the blade is pulled towards you as opposed to the traditional method of pushing it away, see our post about different types of lino cutters.

Remove areas that you do not want ink


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