Turning a Loop in Wire for Jewellery Making

with Sue Heaser

Turning a loop neatly in the end of a piece of wire has many uses in jewellery-making. Here is what you will need: wire – the easiest thickness for beginners to use is between 22 gauge (0.7mm thick) and 18 gauge (1.2mm thick), round nose pliers, wire cutters.

Turning a Loop – Step 1

Hold one end of the wire in your non-working hand and grasp the other end firmly with the round nosed pliers. For a small loop use the ends of the pliers. Larger loops will require use of the wider part of the jaws.

Making a loop in the wire

Step 2

Turn the pliers to make a loop in the wire, holding the rest of the wire firmly between finger and thumb.

Turning a loop in the wire

Step 3

At the end of the turn, the wire should form a complete loop, almost touching itself again.

Wire bent into a complete loop

Step 4

Reposition the pliers, grasping the wire again at the beginning of the loop. Turn the pliers in the opposite direction to kink the wire at the base of the loop.

The wire is kinked at the base of the loop

Step 5

The resulting loop is now centrally positioned on the wire.

The finished loop in the wire

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