Using Foil or Metal Leaf on Polymer Clay

Foil on polymer clay beadUsing foil or metal leaf to decorate polymer clay can be very effective. They technique is surprisingly simple yet very effective.

Sue Heaser’s necklace was made by rolling out a piece of black polymer clay and laying a sheet of Lisa Pavelka Craft Foil over it. The mylar backed foil needs to be placed shiny side up before it is burnished by rubbing it with your finger for 30-60 seconds. The heat from your finger will make the foil adhere to the unbaked polymer clay.

When the foil has heated up, carefully lift a corner of the mylar backing. If there is a large amount of the foil still attached to the backing, replace and continue rubbing.

Polymer clay necklace

To create the crackle or fracturing effect on the foil, lay the empty backing paper over the foiled clay and gently roll over the surface.

Sue Heaser cut her bead shapes using a leaf shaped cutter. These metal cutter shapes come in an assortment of shapes and sizes.

You can either coat the foiled surface with liquid polymer clay before baking or bake the item and varnish to finish.

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