Victoria Sommers’ Polymer Clay Art

We’re always surprised at just how versatile polymer clay really is. Victoria Sommers very kindly sent us some photographs which illustrate this well.

Glass and translucent polymer clay

Victoria Sommer's Polymer Clay Pots

These decorative pots have evolved from glass jars and glasses that have been covered in a clever layer of blended polymer clay. Victoria has used a translucent polymer clay combined with coloured polymer clays. One of the pots (Right) is shown in front of a window. The translucent polymer clay is allowing some of the light to pass through. Very effective!

Selection of Polymer Clay Jewellery by Victoria Sommers

Clay Jewellery

Victoria’s Mobius ‘Sunset’ necklace and earrings design (Left), with a close up of the earrings (Top Right). The diversity of Victoria’s designs proves the value of polymer clay in jewellery making.

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