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Water Soluble Yarn for Weaving & Shibori

A 90 denier monofilament yarn which shrinks by 40% when placed in water at 40°C, and dissolves completely at 70°C. This yarn offers weavers exciting possibilities for experimentation.

Single Fibre Yarn

The water soluble yarn can be used to support a low strength warp or weft yarn, stabilise open weaves and create accurately placed holes. The low temperature for dissolving means that even fine woven silk will not lose lustre. Complex textures can be developed by allowing the yarn to shrink, and two or three dimensional structures can be assembled before removing all traces of the original yarn superstructure.

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Dissolvable yarnTie Dyeing

For dyers, Shibori, and tie dye techniques, there is no longer many hours of careful unstitching. Just wash in hot water after a cold water dye process (indigo or Procion dyes). The yarn will dissolve and the fabric is freed.

If you fancy having a go at creating Shibori fabric but are not confident about using the traditional dye of indigo, you can emulate the effect by using Indigo Navy Procion MX dye. Our selection of books on the subject will help you to find out more about this decorative technique.

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