Weaving Looms from GAV Glimarkra AB

We source a huge range of craft materials and equipment from manufacturers across the world.

Our selection of weaving looms and tools are chosen from three main suppliers, the Schacht Spindle Company, Inc. in the USA, Lout in The Netherlands, and GAV Glimarkra AB in Sweden.

Formerly known as AB Gunnar Anderssons V¤vskedsfabrik, GAV Glimarkra AB started out making reeds for weaving looms in 1926. Over the years, production expanded to include high quality looms and weaving equipment.

GAV Glimarkra AB Floor Loom

The Standard Floor Loom from GAV Glimarkra AB is particularly valuable for weaving high quality rugs where a linen warp is used, as the loom is capable of taking the very high tension involved in opening the shed. The image above shows Ian Bowers (owner of George Weil & Sons Ltd) at the loom when the business was still called Fibrecrafts and run from his cottage and barn in Godalming.

How to Buy

GAV Glimarkra AB supply George Weil with floor looms, tapestry equipment, temples, weaving shuttles, reeds and many other weaving tools. You can browse the range of products from GAV Glimarkra AB on this website. Their selection of quality weaving tools is so extensive that we are unable to keep the full range in stock. However, we do invite enquiries about special orders for items not listed on our website. Please call: 01483 565800 or email our sales department: esales@georgeweil.com for further information.

Weaving shuttles and combs

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