What to do with Left Over Polymer Clay – Ring Holders

Here is a quick project for using up leftover polymer clay. These ring holders were made from what remained of the FIMO clay mix that Cara used to make her coasters.

There’s no need for any special tools, just a smooth clean surface on which to roll the clay. You’ll need to harden the clay in a domestic oven to make the shape permanent.

Ring holders made from polymer clay

How to Make the Polymer Clay Ring Holders

  1. You will need approximately 40g of polymer clay. Condition the clay by working it in your hands to soften it. The warmth from your hands will make the clay supple and smooth. It should be flexible without cracking. Roll the softened clay into a ball.Making an obelisk shape from polymer clay
  2. Flatten and roll the ball of clay into a fat sausage shape.
  3. Squash and continue rolling one end of the sausage so that it becomes smaller. Remember that the end needs to be small enough for you to place a ring over it.
  4. Stand the sausage up on it’s wide end and carefully push it into the work surface to flatten it – essential if you don’t want it to fall over!
  5. Place the polymer clay ring holders onto baking paper on a baking tray and heat in an oven at 130°C for 30 minutes.

Visit the Model Making section of the website to choose your colours!

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