When Life Gives You Lemons – OR what to do with spilt Javana Silk Paint

What indeed! Poor Sophie had a minor disaster this morning while picking a customer’s order. She reached out to pick up a jar of yellow Javana Silk Paint which yellow Javana Silk Paintpromptly fell out of her hands. The lid cracked when it hit the floor and Sophie was covered in a citrusy yellow paint.

It was very amusing to find her in the warehouse mopping up the spill with paper towel. Not so amusing was that her bare yellow feet were starting to stain and her dress was wet and ruined from the splash of paint.

Here is Sophie five minutes later, dressed in two aprons (one worn on her front and the other on her back!) and standing in hot soapy water to wash her feet.

Sophie wearing 2 aprons

Random splodges of yellow silk paint

This is where the “When Life Gives You Lemons… Make Lemonade” thing comes in. The “spoiled” dress was given a little designer treatment with a dropper and the remaining yellow Javana Silk Paint.

The plain black and white striped dress now features random blobs of yellow to match the original splashes.

Thank you Sophie for being such a great sport and for always “making lemonade”.

yellow Javana Silk Paint on cotton dress

About Javana Silk Paint

Javana Silk paint is a fluid paint designed for painting on silk and other natural fabrics such as cotton. It is made washfast by allowing the paint to dry before fixing it on the reverse of the fabric with a hot iron.

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