Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colours

Great news for artists who prefer a safer working environment and for schools and colleges too. Winsor & Newton Artisan Oil paint is a genuine oil colour which avoids conventional solvents and their associated fumes and hazards.

Mix Oil Paints with Water

Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colours have been specifically developed to appear and work just like traditional oil paints. Traditional Oils need solvents such as turpentine or white spirit to thin the paint and clean-up afterwards. Artisan however, do not need these potentially harmful solvents.

The key difference between Artisan and conventional oils is its ability to thin and clean up with water.

How to use oil paints Although it can be thinned with water, there is no water within the formulation of Artisan. The linseed oil and safflower oil vehicles have been modified to allow the colour to accept water, creating a stable emulsion, while retaining the working characteristics of conventional oil colour. The most suitable oil and methods for dispersion have been selected to bring out the individual characteristics, from opacity to natural transparency, of each pigment in this range of paints

More Artisan

A range of mediums have been designed specifically for use with the water soluble Artisan oil paints. This allows all the techniques usually associated with conventional oils. A number of starter sets are also offered as an introduction.

You can find out more about these paints and mediums in the Oil Painting section of the website.

Oil Paint Colour Swatches

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