Wrapping Special Gifts

Many of the handmade papers are excellent for use as gift wrap and the variety of colours and textures make them suitable for Mother’s Day, birthday, anniversary, Christmas and Easter presents.

Handmade Mulberry PaperHere we have used Pastel Pink and Purple coloured Mulberry tissue to create a pretty way of wrapping a small and precious present.

  1. Take two sheets of Mulberry and tear them into squares. To create the feathered edge, fold the paper and wet it along the edge. The paper will pull apart easily.
  2. Place the two squares on top of each other and turn the top sheet 45% (see image right).
  3. Position the item to be wrapped in the centre.
  4. Hold the object to be wrapped from above and carefully fold the edges of the paper around it with your other hand.
  5. Pinch the paper in above the object to form a neck and fan out the corners.
  6. Finish the item off with Lilac Paper Ribbon.

Handmade Presents

Other ideas:

The Pink parcel is wrapped in two layers of Mulberry paper. The purple paper helps the floating strands of fibre to stand out more clearly in the pink paper.

The mauve parcel is wrapped with Cotton Chainstitch. Both parcels are finished with Paper Ribbon.

Decorative Gift Wrap Ideas

Further Suggestions:

Put small gifts in a Glass Box and hide with Dried Petals

Make a Present Special

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