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A selection of craft books which explore the different types of dyes; their history and origin, how they are used and for which fibres they have been formulated.

The natural dyes and mordant chemicals available on this website can be used in different combinations and using different methods to produce an array of natural colours. Many of the books offered in this section provide excellent tips and advice for producing the best colour results using these dyes (and common plants that grow in the wild and your garden, plus dyes derived from shell fish and insects). These are the traditional methods for dyeing materials that were used for centuries.

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The indigo dyes require a slightly more complicated process but the rewarding colour is worth the effort.

Synthetic dyes such as Acid dyes, Procion MX dyes and Disperse were formulated to provide a more economical and effective method of dyeing materials. They are used in industry on a large scale to produce consistent, light-fast and wash fast colours. The dyes are available from this website in smaller quantities and can be used for different craft techniques and home dyeing. There are a choice of books which discuss these dyes and how they can be used for batik, screen printing, dyeing fibre and yarns, silk painting, shibori and heat transfer printing. The books explain which type of dye to use for different fabrics. For example, Acid dyes provide the best colour results for protein fibres such as wool and silk, cold water Procion MX dyes provide the best colour results for cellulose fibres such as cotton, and the Disperse dyes are most effective for use on polyester.

The choice of titles in this section will provide you with the knowledge to utilise your paints and dyes to their full potential.

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