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Books about embroidery, embellishment techniques, making silk paper, and other ways to decorate fabrics. There are no rules when it comes to textile art, and these books will inspire you to explore your craft.

There are a huge number of textile craft tools and materials to choose from at George Weil. There are the traditional tools such as spinning wheels, spindles and fibres for creating handspun yarns, weaving looms and high quality coloured weaving yarns, plus a large choice of dyes, paints and printing inks.

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Modern techniques will include digital printing onto fabrics and the Bubble Jet Set 2000 system can be used to make silk and cotton fabrics suitable for inkjet printing. Diazo Photo Emulsion is another exciting technique which allows fine detail screen printing onto fabric and paper.

For the embroiderer, there is the solvy vanishing film which provides a temporary support for stitching items together and which can be dissolved away with water when the project is complete. In a similar way, the water soluble yarn can be used to stitch fabric or to tie it up for shibori designs.

Discharge paste, discharge dyes and illuminating dyes are used for colour exchange printing and the Jacquard Solarfast dyes allow for printing with the light from the sun!

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