Hand Spinning Books

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Books for both the skilled spinner and the novice. Learn how to spin a fibre into a yarn using a hand spindle or a spinning wheel and discover everything there is to know about the different types of fibres you can spin.

Create your own yarns for knitting, crochet or weaving from any fibre (see our extensive choice of British wools and dyed Merino, undyed silks, and hair fibres including cashmere, alpaca and mohair in Crafts > Spinning) and be the owner of yarn spun to your own specifications!

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Spinning fibre using a spinning wheel can be very relaxing and therapeutic, and once you achieve a rhythm the yarn builds quickly on the bobbin. The first type of yarn created on your wheel is a single (fibre spun in either a clockwise direction to create a Z-twist or an anti-clockwise direction to create an S-twist). Singles yarns can be used as they are although twisting it together with another single will create a stronger yarn called a 2-ply. The process of bringing the singles together is called plying. An experienced spinner will have learned a number of methods for plying her yarn and is able to create complex yarns.

Learn more about hand spinning yarn from either a book, through the internet or join a guild, The Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers website is a good starting point.

We supply a selection of the spinning wheels available from Schacht, Louet and Ashford, plus wheel accessories such as bobbins, whorls and flyer units. If you are not able to find the spinning wheel or tools you are looking for please contact us so that we can arrange to get it for you.

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