Knitting & Crochet Books

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A huge choice of books offering step-by-step instructions on how to get started with knitting and crochet. There are books full of knitting patterns and crochet patterns which will appeal to the novice through to the skilled knitter and crocheter.

The books in this section provide patterns for creating knitwear in a variety of knitting styles including lace knitting, Shetland knitting and Scandinavian knitting plus a number of titles explore different techniques such as knitting for felting and experimental knitting. There are a selection of titles which include patterns specifically for children and others for hand spinners and dyers.

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The topic is so large that knitters and crocheters of all abilities will find a title which is perfect for their own level of skills and taste.

Knitters and crocheters can find a selection of knitting yarns in our Yarns section. The Ashford Tekapo DK wool knitting yarns are available in a choice of bold colours plus a range of natural tones, plus there are the super soft Bluefaced Leicester aran yarns in a choice of natural shades, plain dyed and printed patterns alongside the Bluefaced Leicester double knit yarns also in a choice of natural shades.

Knitters looking for luxury will love the spun silk yarns which are available in different weights, while the experimental knitter will enjoy the choice of paper yarns, metallised yarns and soft wires.

Many of the yarns offered on the George Weil website are undyed to give crafters the opportunity of creating their own variegated yarns or the option of dyeing the yarn to a specific colour. We recommend dyeing yarns with protein content, such as wool and silk, with Acid dyes and yarns with cellulose content, such as cotton, paper and bamboo, with Procion MX fibre reactive dyes. These sythetic dyes offer a safe and simple method for dyeing materials at home.

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