Teaching Pack: 3-D Masks


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A popular theme for Key Stages 1 and 2, though they can also be used as an introduction to Key Stage 3.

This A4 size 45 page pack has over 40 full colour photographs, 31 templates and includes a history of masks, working to a theme, full colour photographs for display purposes, recommended mask books and other reference sources, a list of materials, time planning for this topic in the school curriculum, an art vocabulary, mask design work, direction for preparation and making the masks, advice for using Mod-Roc and painting the masks, photographs of masks from around the world, photographs of children's work and links to QCA units and further ideas.

The pages of the Project Teaching Pack are in individual plastic sleeves to protect them against spills and damage in the classroom and the pack is in a sturdy loose-leaf folder so that materials can be used for display and throughout the school.

All the materials and equipment for completing this project can be ordered from this website